UnifiedBan (bot) v.0.9

notification_important Join the /log/unifiedban Telegram Channel!


malicious users blocked



you don't have to worry about spam again



bad guys, spammers and scammers, all blacklisted



we recognize different types of scams

..and more


Channel logs

Keep track of bot's behavior with a main channel. Every operation of the bot is recorded, everything under your control.

Every different log is filtered by chat, you can filter those you are interested in, and monitor their behavior on other groups.


Bad words

Take care of your group, better behavior improve dialogue.

Choose which words to censor in your group, prevent a discussion before turn it into a fight.



No group is the same as another!
Configure the bot according to your needs.

Choose the behavior of the bot according to your wishes:

  • Disable log
  • Disable Antispam methods
  • Disable Antiscam
  • Whitelist users/bad words
  • Expand bad words list
  • Enable automatic prevention
  • Disable Blacklist
  • .. a lot more


Check the bot from the control panel. Manage your group 360° from any location and device.

Check if Telegram is Offline, take precautions, schedule a message..it will back online!


Prevention Tools

Do you need to close the group for new users? Use our prevention tools, close and reopen the group in few seconds.

Set the bot to open/close the group automatically if it detects spam on other groups.

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