UnifiedBan (bot)v.3.1
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Discover the new unified/ban 2.0 Anne Bonny.

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you don’t have to worry about spam anymore.



protection against malicious users.



we recognize different types of scam.

800 000+

handled updates daily


blocked users

40 000+

active users

Google Home & company

unified/ban allow us to monitor and manage our Telegram group safely!

Fedora Italia

We have no more spam attempts on our group and the operators are friendly and professional.

Serial Watchers Italia

Great bot that does its job well and allows us to perfectly organize the notes

Euro Truck Simulator 2..

Thanks to unified/ban, we removed spam completely from our group.

Rolex Italia

Easy group management and unique features. The most accurated blacklist!

Google Pixel Italia

This is an essential part of our group, it does its job and is always online.


We built this bot for us, now many communities around the world use it.


Great bot against spam. Friend of user privacy and a good security ally.

Huawei Italia

Operators always available and listen to the users' requests.


Discover main features

important_devices Dashboard

Manage the functions of our bot without limits and every time on your Dashboard.

You can manage the configuration of bots for your personal groups directly from the Dashboard and you can also check the statistics of spam attempts.

Decide and set the correct behavior that the bot should follow after detecting a spam message.

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short_text Bad words / Safenames

Take care of your group and always remember that good behaviour improves dialogue.

Choose which words you want to censor and keep a discussion under control before a negative discussion begins.

Add groups and channels to your group's safe list. This will exclude them from the spam filter.

About safenames

people_outline Welcome message and buttons

Set a dynamic welcome message with HTML and variables support!

Add buttons in your welcome message to index your users to specific content and resources, thanks to the management of customized buttons.

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poll Captcha

Ask your new users to prove that they are human.

Show a button in the welcome message: and if the user is a human, they will know how to remove the restrictions.

The Captcha function integrates seamlessly with your welcome message and custom buttons.

settings Configurable

Every group is different!
Setup the bot properly for your group by choosing its behavior.

The configuration menu is clear, simple and complete:

Contact our operators in One-click.

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filter_3 Antiflood

Stop the flood with our automated filter!

unified/ban will control how fast does a user send messages to understand if it’s flooding.

If the bot detects a flood, it will limit the user for 10 minutes, preventing it from sending other messages.

A user got limited by mistake?
No problem, press the button below the Antiflood message to remove the limitation for the user.

User Mario was limited 10 minutes for flood.

assignment Operation logs

Do you want to know what Unified is doing?

There is a main channel where every operation of the bot is recorded, everything under your control.

Every log is filtered by chat, so you can filter those you are interested in, and monitor their behavior on other groups.

Set up your personal channel or group for user reports.

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vpn_key Prevention Tools

Do you need to close the group for new users?

Use our prevention tool: close and reopen your group in a few seconds.

unified/ban deactivates automatically welcome message and captcha when the group is closed, and they are re-enabled when it is open.