UnifiedBan (bot)v.3.1
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Beta 3.0 Program

Mercury beta 3.0 application program.

What is mercury?

Mercury is the third (3.0) main release for unified/ban.

This is an important update that impacts the entire unified/ban system, starting from the bot (now written in C# and .Net Core), to the servers, ending with the dashboard (which introduces the new Dolphin UI, you can already see it applied in part).

Due to the consistency of this update, the rollout is going to have a closed-beta period first.

At this stage it will be possible to report bugs and feedback to developers through a direct channel.
This will allow us to offer a more complete product out of beta.


The bot handles a large quantity of data, for this reason we want to minimize the risk by imposing certain requirements (only during beta) and accepting only a limited number of partecipants.

Before submitting your request, please make sure you comply with all the requirements mentioned below.

The proposed must:

  • be a public supergroup
  • have a minimum of 300 members
  • exist for at least a year
  • not violate the network rules (is not required to be part of the network)

There are also some non-mandatory aspects that we will take into consideration:

  • we look with more interest at projects that contribute/promote open source and/or security topics
  • groups promoting commercial projects and sales platforms are going to be less interesting during the verification phase

Beta request

The application must be completed and sent by e-mail to the administration. You can use the form below to fill out the application, once done just press the "Apply for beta" button to open the email client installed on your device and proceed to submit.

The application must be sent by the group owner.

Applicant's details

Telegram group details

How to get updated

We'll inform you via the e-mail you provided. You will receive confirmation or declination, either way you will be contacted.

There is no need to send multiple requests or contact operators through support channels, the verification process is carried out in one step for all requests.