You shall not pass

We will not let dangerous users pass thanks to a blacklist of over 150,000 records!

Your home, your keys your decision

Close and open your group at the times you prefer, automatically, without having to think about it.

Bip! Bop!
Are you human?

Leave the bots outside the door, populate your group of real people only.

Let's stop Spam and scam together

The most powerful tools by your side to definitively win the war against everyday spam and scam.

Do you speak
my language?

Understanding is important. Limit the use of non-west characters in your group.

Trust factor

Penalty is given to dangerous users. When the trust factor falls below a security threshold they will be deemed unreliable.

in the right way

If you collaborate with other groups and channels, allow them to advertise in your group by bypassing spam checks.

You can't say
that word

Prevent your users from using banned words and choose which ones.

You are

Make your users feel comfortable. Welome them and give main informations!

Take notes like a champion!

Intelligently deliver notes and lists to your users. Organize the contents of your group in the best way!

..and a lot more

It's not over here. Many other features will help you better manage your group!