UnifiedBan (bot) v.2.1

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Details and information about unified/ban logo and name

On this page we clarify some distinctive details of the unified/ban project.

unified/ban term

The term unified/ban has been coined to best represent the identity of the project.

Our project was born as a sort of black list shared among all the Telegram groups.
Thanks to this list prevent malicious and dangerous users from entering other Telegram groups.

The term is unified/ban, other terms like UnifiedBan and unifiedban are used for other purposes:

  • - UnifiedBan is used the source and project directories
  • - unifiedban is used for fields incompatible with special characters
  • - unified for the abbreviation

It can be abbreviated with the unified term.

The Logo

The unified/ban logo depicts a shield, especially an American police badge as a form.

Initially the logo depicts an American policeman's hat, later it was redesigned with the current logo.

The current logo (above) was originally designed by Mirko B., creator of the unified/ban project, later it was recreated by Miki Locuratolo.

There are other variants in color (yellow, orange, gray), dedicated to some sections of the project.


From version 2.0 in which the project was completely redesigned, each new major version is published with a codename.

For each series of versions (2.0, 3.0, 4.0), a topic is chosen on which to base all the new codenames and related mascots.

Series 2.0

The 2.0 series is based entirely on the world of pirates and mentions some of the most famous names.

The one above is the mascot dedicated to v.2.0, with the code name Anne Bonny.

Anne Bonny was a strong and independent woman who was able to gain respect in a predominantly male society.

The author of this mascot is Marco Montini.

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