UnifiedBan (bot) v.2.1

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Frequently asked questions

What about?

unified/ban is a Telegram bot designed to protect communities from dangerous users.

The bot is responsible for blocking various types of spam and preventing access to users recognized as malicious.

From version 2.0, we protect you and your users even from the scam. In this version, spamlogics have also been introduced to prevent spam in a dynamic way.

How does the blacklist work?

When a user has a dangerous or annoying behavior towards other users.

This is an extreme precaution to safeguard other groups from "dangerous" subjects.

Only verified users (agents) (ie bot management) can make changes to this blacklist, to ensure that it is not used in an inappropriate way.

Can I leave the Blacklist?

Not directly.

You must contact operators via the Support Platform on the website. Once all the fields have been completed, you will have to wait for one of our members to check.

This verification process can take a long time.

How does it work and how can I configure it?

You will need to add the bot to the Administrators of your Group. Once added it will start working immediately.

Before proceeding with the configuration it is advisable to type /check to make sure that the bot has the necessary permissions for its correct operation.

Proceed with the configuration by typing /config.

How can I configure the welcome message and buttons?

Type /setwelcome followed by your welcome message text.

Use special variables {username} {first_name} {last_name} {chat_name} to create a dynamic welcome message.

Add buttons to your welcome message with /addwelcomebutton followed by your button name and link.

Remove welcome button from you welcome message, type /removewelcomebutton followed by button name.

Type /welcomebuttons to show your welcome message buttons list.

How do I enable the Dashboard?

First you must be a Group Administrator, not necessarily the Creator and the bot must be a group administrator.

Once logged into the Dashboard, just type /config in the group where you are admin and click on Enable dashboard.

Now you can see and manage the group in the Dashboard.

How do the settings work?

You can configure the bot for your group directly from the dashboard or by typing /config in the group.

There are different settings, for greater safety we recommend keeping all active:

  • Bot log: With the v.2.0 update, the ConfLog can no longer be disabled. You can choose to send user reports to a custom channel or group from the settings. Routine logs (blacklists, ban, spam) are sent to the public channel. This help operators to identify possible errors and improve the service. .More information about data collection here.
  • Offensive: This filter deletes a message if it contains words recognized as offensive.
  • Spamlogics: Identify and eliminate spam thanks to dynamic logics.
  • Non-west chars: All messages containing non-west characters are deleted.
  • No Telegram links: Prevents the sending of links and username to Telegram groups and channels. You can set up secure links, read more.
  • Spam in-user name: This filter deletes messages from users with a name containing spam.
  • Antiscam: All messages recognized as scams on the basis of recognized techniques are deleted and reported to the operators.
  • Blacklist: Block users recognized as malicious. As a rule these users have already been banned in other groups for spam, scam or other dangerous behavior.
  • Welcome: Enable the welcome message
  • Close menu: Simply close the settings menu.

How to read latest operations

From September 30, 2018, the operations performed through bots are logged, or saved in a database.

unified/ban is the project that aims to protect the user's privacy, so the only information saved is: (flag, User_ID and Chat_ID), only public information.

To read the logs it is necessary to access the Dashboard, enter the group of interest and check the "Latest operations" section.

The "Latest operations" scheme:

  • flag (ex.: ban: User_ID) and reflects the action (! ban,! unban,! rm "delete_post",! safe, ..)
  • User_ID (the unique Telegram ID of the person who performed the action), for reasons of privacy, the User_ID is saved instead of the Username.
  • User type icon (if there is the OMINO icon you will have done that operation, if the STAFF icon is present the operation was carried out by a unified / ban operator in a maintenance phase, if no icon is present, l user is one of the administrators of the group)

How to add safe links

You can add secure links that bypass the bot spam filter.

To add new safe link type /safe @username. To remove link type /unsafe @username. To see the list of secure links type /safenames.

How can I get my User_ID?

Contact the Json Dump Bot on Telegram and check for your message:from:id from the output.

The JsonDumpBot bot is not owned by us. The creator can remove it at any time.

What are verified users (agents)?

This is basically the bot administration (developers and operators).

These users have special access to some commands like /rm that allows them to delete bot messages during maintenance and /sync that synchronizes the list of blocked users of a chat with that of the global blacklist.

How do I recognize a verified operator?

Ask the operator to prove his identity. If the user is an operator, a message will appear directly from the bot as a warranty.

Can I become a verified operator?

At the moment there is no way to become a verified operator. If you are administrator in a group that uses the bot, you are automatically a bot admin but not an agent.

How does it behave with privacy?

The bot collects only public data for its correct functioning (Chat_ID and User_ID "if it is inserted in Blacklist").

What is the hash_code?

The hash_code is the unique ID of the Logs for your Chat. You can find yours in the Dashboard. The code is obtained from this formula: hash_code = (UB + Chat_ID) and the result is positive.

Why is the source code updated late?

We have chosen to create a gap between release and distribution of the source in order to be able to find possible bugs and have time to solve them. This is a security measure, necessary to avoid endangering the safety of other users.


From version 2.0, all major releases are "baptized" with a code name

On July 16th, 2019 we started to "baptize" our main releases with the name of famous pirates who talked about themselves.

The first release was dedicated to Anne Bonny, a strong and independent woman who was able to gain respect in a predominantly male society

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